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             National Automotive Technician's                                 Educational Foundation

NATEF, National Automotive Technician's Education Foundation, is a well-known organization in the Automotive Industry.  NATEF was founded as an independent, non-profit organization with a single mission: To evaluate technician training programs against standards developed by the automotive industry and recommend qualifying programs for certification (accreditation) by ASE, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Since 1983, the NATEF process has resulted in certified automotive training programs in all fifty states at the secondary and post-secondary levels.  NATEF also evaluates the providers of in-service technician training programs under a program called Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE).

In order for a school to be able to teach an Automotive program, it must be NATEF certified.  To see a list of certified schools, follow this link to the NATEF web page and click the box beside 'auto' and click the drop down box and go to 'North Carolina.'  Then click 'Search.'

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