WSHS Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology I

Welcome to Automotive Technology one


This is a semester long course that aligns with NATEF standards for:


·    Brake /Automotive,

·    Electrical/Electronic Systems

·    N.C. Public Schools Automotive Service Technology Blueprint # 7511.


The course will be project based and will contribute close to 50% of your class time in the Lab/Shop working on related projects and vehicle Service/Repair.

The remaining 50% of your time will be utilized in the Classroom covering course objectives. All activities will be graded through thru “Performance Evaluation Rubrics” and testing.

There will be Weekly tests, six week benchmark tests, as well as Bi-weekly quizzes. These will consist of written online quizzes located at the following hyperlink

There will also be and Lab/shop performance tasks.

All tests will be graded at 70% of your overall grade, Quizzes at 20% and homework at 10%.

Re-tests & Make-ups can be done before or after school with the instructor’s approval.

The class textbook is “ Modern Automotive Technology” The books will not be student assigned and will remain in the classroom, students can check out a book with the instructor as needed.



Brief Course Outline

(Calculations are based on 85 actual instructional days)

A. 1A01.00: Leadership Development- Demonstrate speaking, career development, and business meeting skills.                                                             1st/4th Six weeks 3 days.


B. 1A02.00: Orientation to Automotive Technology/Automotive Industry - Identify facts concerning the occupational outlook for the automotive industry and its impact on the economy.                                                                             1st/4th Six weeks 4 days


C. 1A03.00: Safety- List rules for personal safety, shop safety, and rules for safe use of shop equipment and materials.                                                 1st/4th Six weeks 10 days


D. 1A05.00: Automotive Hand Tools& Equipment- Identify hand tools, general shop tools and special tools for each major area of vehicle repair.   1st/4th Six weeks 8 days


E. 1A05.00: Basic Automotive Measuring- Identify, describe, and use semi-precision measuring tools. Six week Benchmark testing.                        1st/4th Six weeks 6 days.


F. 1A06.00: Automotive Maintenance and Basic Service- Identify and describe common automotive maintenance problems and perform routine maintenance/servicing in the areas of safety, lubrication, air conditioning, suspension, steering, automatic transmissions and transaxles. Nine week interim.                    2nd/5th Six weeks 30 days


G. 1A07.00: Basic Automotive Brakes systems- Demonstrate brake fundamentals and concepts.                                                                                   3rd/5th Six weeks 10 days


H. 1A09.00: Basic Engine operating principles- Theory and operation.  

  3rd/5th Six weeks 6 days


I. 1A08.00: Basic Automotive Electrical Systems- Basic electrical fundamentals and concepts.                                                                                   3rd/5th Six weeks 10 days


J. Special Projects- There will be various special projects through out the school year including the electric car program and Engine building skills.


Instructors Evaluation of student’s performance and attitude toward their required performance tests in the lab/shop will count for 70% of their grade.


Note: Poor attitude/work ethic, off task including bad safety habits will not be tolerated, and reflect heavily on your overall grade and could lead to removal from the class.


Required Materials- Students should bring these materials to class or have available in the lab/shop (daily):


·    Notebook

·    Pencils/pens

·    Safety glasses (supplied ONE TIME by the instructor)

·    Suitable shop apparel (to adhere to safety standards)

·    Closed toed shoes (to adhere to safety standards)

·    Lock for the shop/lab locker


Final Note: Having enrolled in automotive technology you have chosen a very challenging, exciting, and rewarding, potential career path. If any difficulties arise, please feel free to contact me at the East Gaston High School at (704) 827-7251 or at my e-mail address at,

I'm looking forward to an effective and rewarding learning experience with each and everyone of you! Good Luck!

Thanks for Joining Me!


Mr.A.R. Poppo